Bangladesh Association Community Project


BACP, Bangladesh Association and Community Project,  is a community centric organisation located in Central Rochdale. Our vision is to reduce the deprivation of the ethnic communities within Rochdale by enabling them to access opportunities to break down social and economic barriers and, thereby, help in the effective integration with the wider community. We work as a community hub providing various services and support by engaging directly with the people in the locality. Our services and activities include:

Our catchment includes the wards of Wardleworth, Hamer, Smallbridge and Belfield which are amongst the most socially and economically deprived areas in the borough and indeed within the UK itself. The wards themselves have a predominantly South Asian population. Our services, no doubt, targeted at the ethnic communities, but are in no way confined only to them. Anyone walking through the door can avail of our services without any discrimination. Our service users come from all over the borough. BACP is recognised as a significant provider of services to the local communities. The services benefit all sections of the community, children, young and old, men and women

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Bangladesh Association Community Project

108 Ramsay Street
OL16 2EE

Tel: 01706 860349

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