Community Careline Services


An Introduction to Community Careline ServicesCommunity Careline Services is a private company offering a wide range of domestic, personal care, rehabilitation and social care services to people in their own homes.
Working with other professionals and concerned carers within the community, our aim is to:

Support at the touch of a button

The dispersed alarm system is a vital element in our ability to provide fast, effective support. Because, unlike conventional dispersed alarms, we respond to more than emergency situations. All our clients are taught to use the simple system to communicate with us, whatever the need.

A touch of a button on a pendent or brooch activates two way speech with our Monitoring Centre. Once we have assessed the situation, the local Community Careline Service is connected to respond with the appropriate level of support.

The client may have an incontinence problem, need help getting into or out of bed, or just want someone to change a light bulb. Obviously, for any of these needs, calling on the emergency services would be inappropriate, while calling on Community Careline Services would have the right level of assistance on hand in minutes.

A Full Range of other Services
As every homeowner knows there always seems to be something that needs doing around the house and gardens. For home based elderly, and people with disabilities, it can be frustrating if they are unable to look after those household maintenance jobs.
When age or infirmity makes regular maintenance impossible Community Careline Services can provide the strong back and the willing pair of hands a good gardener needs.
Mowing the lawn, clipping the hedges, pruning, potting and planting can all be arranged simply by making a phone call.

Major Household Cleaning
Carpet cleaning, washing walls, cleaning out cupboards, washing windows, cleaning the cooker and major household cleaning jobs are all part of our service.

DIY and Decorating
We can also arrange for professional craftsmen and decorators to do work at our clients' homes, under our watchful supervision.

Caring for the family and other carers
Everybody needs a break once in a while. This can apply equally to the cared for as well as the carer. Caring for a person with disabilities or an elderly member of the family is often a 24 hour a day job. The carer may find it difficult to have any kind of social life, especially if they are looking after a spouse or child on their own.

Calling in professional carers from Community Careline Services can offer family members a much needed break without feeling irresponsible. Often, the client enjoys the change of pace as much as the carer.

These are only a few of the services which are regularly requested by our clients. We will be happy to provide advice and assistance
on a range of other services.

Contact Information

Community Careline Services

75-77 Drake Street
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Tel: 01706 643433