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Birthday Photo 12 Discription

Snow in March.Photo 12   This shot of a WD 2-8-0 No 90470 in the snow at Castleton station has a wealth of detail.

The locomotive was shedded at both Wakefield (56A) and at Sowerby Bridge (56E) during the 1960s. The train is

a mixed freight rather than a block coal train so is probably from Healey Mills and is heading for Moston Sorting

Sidings. The wan, midwinter, weak sunshine gives the shot a pleasing 'watercolour' effect, so much more

attractive than the hyper saturated colour of some digital images. The colour is provided by the typical LYR

signalbox with its window high in the gable end and the outside 'necessary' at the top of the steps. Castleton

Station box was closed in .... which dates the picture. On the right is the Maltings of Magee, Marshall and Co,

Brewers of Bolton. There is an enclosed canopy covering a crane from above the siding into the building. On

the opposite side of the building was a similar arrangement over a berth on the Rochdale Canal. On the left of

the picture is the entrance to the factory of textile machinery makers, Tweedales & Smalleys (Tweedales and

Smallwages to those who worked there). With the decline of the textile industry this complex was taken over by

FW Woolworths who used rail for distribution widely well into the 1960s. Note the pregrouping LYR subsignal

protecting the exit from the private sidings. When the signalbox was demolished a ground frame was provided

to operate the junction.


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