Friends of Castleton Station

Castleton Station Buildings and surroundings 1960

five photographs taken in 1960 which show details of Castleton station and its environs.   When the East  Lancashire Railway gets through to Castleton, could we perhaps have some buildings like these?



Photo 1 Taken from the Station signalbox and shows a Longsight Jubillee number 45586 on an up freight with the  Magee Marshall Maltings on the right of the picture and Tweedales and Smalleys works on the left and in the distance the Dunlop Cotton Mill 5 June 1960.


Photo 2 shows a down freight hauled by an "Austin Seven" number 49508 showing the open area south of the station

building 22 October 1960.


Photo 3  Shows the footbridge, the canopies and buildings on both platforms as Class 4MT number 42288 runs through with the 9.5am Liverpool to Rochdale passenger. 17 April 1960.


Photo 4EM 19  shows a "Lanky A Class" bringing the coal empties back to Castleton from the Bradford Street Coal yard.   A good view of Tweedales and Smalleys' works 26 June 1960.


Photo 5 EI 0 BR Standard class 2 number 78043 on a Rochdale to Liverpool stopping train with an excellent view of the large, ornate waiting room on the down platform 18 April 1960.

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