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Late Evening At Castleton Station 1960's


Late evening trains at Castleton in the 1960's


A view late evening on 15 April 1961 from the down (Rochdale bound) platform taken from a short distance on the Rochdale side of the lattice footbridge  with the full extent of the up platform (Manchester bound) buildings revealed,   Note the row of platform benches backing

onto the buildings. What a pity the building did not survive to become a bar. but we understand it was riddled with dry rot.


Passengers at Castleton Station on 10 August 1962 await holiday overnight special trains to many destinations.


The Friday overnight trains from Castleton (and Rochdale and other local stations) on 10 August 1962  were many and varied.  Passengers and their families, and there luggage, wait on the Manchester bound platform.


Steam hauled trains were scheduled to, or through Castleton as below.


7.50pm Castleton to Newquay (5MT 45109)

8.2pm  Castleton to Bournemouth (Standard 5MT 73143)

8.58pm Castleton to Eastbourne (5MT 44682)

10.9pm  Victoria to Paignton via Castleton and Shaw (Stanier Mogul 42946)

10.10pm Victoria to Yarmouth via Castleton and Shaw (Jubilee 45623 "Palestine")

10.27pm  Stalybridge to Liverpool (for the midnight boat to Douglas) via Shaw and Castleton (Standard 4MT 75017)

11.29pm  Castleton to Eastbourne (Pair of 5MTs 44767 and 45306)

After midnight  Littleborough to St Pancras (Jubilee 45715 "Invincible")

On the Saturday besides the regular summer Saturday trains to and from Llandudno, Bridlington and Scarborough not calling at Castleton, there were additional trains:

Littleborough to Liverpool (Crab 42820)

Victoria to Morecambe starting back at Rochdale (5MT 45261)

Victoria to Blackpool starting back at Littleborough (5MT 44767)

Rochdale to Blackpool starting back at Shaw (Pair of Crabs 42726 and 42794)

Castleton to Llandudno via Shaw (5MT 45255)


Holiday extras Saturday 18 August 1962  None overnightt.   Middle weekend of the two weeks (wakes) holiday, some out bound

And some returns.


Castleton to Bangor (5MT 44807)

Rochdale to Morecambe  (5MT 45101)

Shaw to Liverpool (Fairburn Tank 42114 and Crab 42938)

Rochdale to Southport (Crab 42712)

Littleborough to Blackpool (5MT 44934)

Shaw to Blackpool (Caprotti 5MT 44746)

Castleton to Llandudno (green 73036 of Shrewsbury shed)

Southport to Shaw (Caprotti 44743)

Blackpool to Littleborough (5MT 45442)

Liverpool to Shaw (Crab 42853)

Morecambe to Rochdale (5MT 44808)

Littleborough to Blackpool (Jubilee 45574 "India")

Portion Paignton to Castleton (Crab 42892)

Bournemouth to Castleton (Crab 42750)

Pen-y-Chain (Butlins Holiday Camp) to Castleton (Royal Scot 46138 "The London Irish Rifleman")  This is the only known

occurrence of a Royal Scot on a passenger train on the Oldham line.

Yarmouth to Castleton (Pair of Crabs 42820 and 42700)

Saturday 25 August 1962   End of local holiday fortnight, all returning extras.

Southport to Shaw (Caprotti 5MT 44743)

Liverpool to Littleborough ((Crab 42890)

Blackpool to Shaw (5MT 44947)

Morecambe to Shaw (Jubilee 45737 "Atlas")

Llandudno to Shaw (5MT 45248)

Portion Paignton to Castleton (Jubilee 45607 "Fiji")

Yarmouth to Castleton connection, diesel mu

Pen-y-Chain to Castleton (5MT 45237)

Eastbourne to Castleton (Stanier tank 42623 and 5MT 45381)

London Euston to Castleton (5MT 45275)

Portion Newquay to Castleton (Fairburn Tank 42697)

Note for the spotters, Jubilee 45569 "Tasmania" worked a Barnsley to Blackpool excursion through Castleton  on this day.  For the local holidays in 1963 onwards Rochdale district moved the dates from mid to end August to the last two weeks in June  --  the same as Oldham district.

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