Friends of Castleton Station

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The friends would like to discover how people of Castleton remember travelling by steam trains, and diesel trains, in years passed including the 'wakes weeks' specials.

Two recollections have already been shared with us:

"My family and I used to go to Paignton every year for our holidays from Castleton Station, we only lived on Smalley Street then so didn’t have far to walk. The train was very long early on a Saturday and took until evening to get there"

"On Saturday evenings around 4 o’clock my friends and I would catch the Blackpool train and head for the Winter gardens. We would call into a couple of pubs then dance the night away. The return train used to get back to Castleton around midnight. The coaches were the non corridor type which led to a more friendly return trip".

If you have memories of Castleton Station that you would like to share please let us have them using the 'contact us' facility, or better still come and relate them verbally in the pub.

If you have photo’s of the station and surrounding railway areas we would be pleased to put them in the Gallery, just scan them into your computer or we can do this for you, and the precious originals can be preserved.

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Friends of Castleton Station