Friends of Hopwood Woods Nature Reserve

About us

The group was started in 1995.

The Objectives :

To campaign for and protect the environs of Hopwood Woods and The Hall

To observe always that the woods are a Nature Reserve (as specified by Rochdale Metro)

To gather information about flora and fauna within Hopwood

To encourage environmental awareness

To encourage a community spirit

To support and help people who have to make a living within Hopwood.

To affiliate to and/or work with other organisations or groups who have similar objectives.

To meet, consult and negotiate with any groups ,organisations or individuals in pursuance of these Objectives.

In 1996 Hopwood Woods was officially designated as a Nature Reserve.

Local Nature Reserve or LNR, are areas of land felt by the Local Authority to be of special value as habitats for wildlife. The LNR's designation is not however, simply given by the Council, it must meet strict criteria set out in the Countryside Act of 1949 and has to be agreed by English Nature. The Government Office responsible for protecting the best areas of countryside and wildlife habitats across the country.


Photographs courtesy of Gordon Yates.

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Friends of Hopwood Woods Nature Reserve

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