Heywood Phoenix Trust


1. Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants for grants from the Trust should either:

a) Live in the Heywood area, or in the village of Birch; or;
b) Attend a school in the area; or;
c) Have attended a school in the area prior to the making of an application for assistance.

Note: There is no age limit for applicants.

2. What Grants are available for

Grants from the Trust may be given for any purpose which promotes the education, training and development of the applicant. In particular, grants may be given for the following purposes:

a) To assist applicants in their attendance at any school, University, College of Education or other institution of further or higher (including professional and technical) education;
b) To assist applicants to travel, whether in the United Kingdom or abroad, to pursue their education;
c) To assist in the purchase of necessary items to enable an applicant to enter employment following a course of study.

3. Restrictions

Trustees regret that they are unable to provide full payment of fees or living expenses, but can only provide limited assistance.

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