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As Rochdale began to prosper during the Industrial Revolution, it was petitioned that the town be made into a municipal borough in order to gain limited political autonomy. A town hall was needed for the work of the newly elected council to take place.

‘The Wood’ was suggested as the site for the new town hall and in April 1860 plans were made to purchase this land for £4,730. Months later the plans were put on hold due to rising costs and difficult negotiations.

Four years later the proposal was revisited with £20, 000 to spend on its construction. The Council advertised a competition with a £100 prize reward and a Maltese cross to the winning design of the building. William Henry Crossland produced the winning design from the 27 entries.

On 31 March 1866, the first brick was laid by the Right Honourable John Bright. By 1871, the building was completed at a total cost of £160, 000. This increase of expenditure was heavily criticised by the public but the end result prompted celebrations of pride.

The hall was opened on 27 September 1871 by the Mayor, Alderman George Leach Ashworth.

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