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142th Meeting held the 17th January 2017

Littleborough Canalside Development Group

Minutes of the 142th Meeting held the 17th January 2017 at Hare Hill House Littleborough at 7.30pm


 Peter Evans, Cllr Janet Emsley, Julian Farnell, Brian Holden, Ian Jackson, John F Kay, Jon Stopp,  Bob Weatherley, 

Apologies.   Cllr Ann Stott JP, Keith Hallam, Barry Horner,

Bob Furnell, who is not a member of Littleborough Civic Trust and therefore not a member of the Canalside Development group committee, was allowed to address the meeting.  He wished the Committee to know that he had met with the Canal and River Trust this afternoon and that they had put the Adoption Group on hold until further notice.  Bob Furnell then left the meeting

John Kay is to have discussions with Bob Furnell about the funds raised towards the Boat project.


The Business conducted at the meetings on 18th October and 15th November 2016 was briefly referred to by the chairman. There are no minutes of those meetings


Littleborough Civic Trust

Ian Jackson updated the meeting on work being done by Littleborough Civic Trust. An Open meeting may be arranged on “Heritage and the Rochdale Canal”.

Durn Marina

There had been no expressions of interest in the Council’s land at Durn. If it was sold then the developer would have constructed phase 1 of a small marina

It was suggested that the land should be advertised as a possible site for a marina rather than just residential


There was much comment that Rochdale Council had not invested in development of the canal in the same way that Calderdale Council had in Sowerby Bridge and Manchester had with the marina build with funding from Urban Splash

The development potential should be included in the survey now being undertaken for Link4life at Hollingworth lake


Canal & River Trust

John Stopp reported that Littleborough Canalside Adoption Group” which has recently been run solely by Bob Furnell has now ceases to exist.


Canal & River Trust would set up a “Towpath Task Force” which would be run, managed and marketed by the Canal & River Trust if sufficient interest exists.


The “Towpath Task Force” would cover the tow path between Summit and Lock 50.


Anyone interested in joining the “Towpath Task Force” should email Steve O’Sullivan


If the “Towpath Task Force” is formed it was agreed that they should seek support from the Tesco “Bags of Help” grant scheme


Butty Boat Scheme


Ian Jackson commented that the floating café which we are to create is not really a “butty boat” and that perhaps we should rename the scheme


He had obtained financial support for the scheme from the Littleborough Prosecution Society in the sum of £598.00. A cheque and cash to this total sum was handed to the Treasurer of the Civic Trust who will keep the finance for the group separate in his accounts.


(Note. - the following day a further £142 has been received)


It was agreed that we will proceed as follows:-


  1. An application to the Canal & Rivers Trust will be made to agree a “Traders mooring” and outline their other requirements – Cost £90.00
  2. An application will then be made to Rochdale MBC for planning consent. Ben Sandover of the council has indicated there should be no problems with this – Cost £400.00
  3. Julian Farnell will prepare a specification and quotation for the work to be done on the boat. An application could then be made to the Pennine Township for funding towards this.
  4. Enquiries need to be made about the best products to be sold from the boat
  5. We will then need to seek volunteers from the community to work on the boat. They will need to have suitable health and safety qualifications but training can be obtained.

Akzo Nobel Site

There is now a developer who has shown interest in taking this site on. We have no further details but as it adjoins the canal it should be kept under review

Dates of next meetings to be held at Hare Hill House commencing at 7.30pm

Tuesday 21st February 2017

Tuesday 21st March 2017

Tuesday 18th April 2017

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