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159th meeting held Tuesday 17th July 2018

Littleborough Canalside Development Group

Minutes of the 159th meeting held Tuesday 17th July 2018 at Hare Hill House Starting at 7.30pm

Present:  Barry Horner, Brian Holden, John F Kay,

Apologies, Cllr Janet Emsley, Ian Jackson Cllr Ann Stott, Keith Hallam,

Minutes of the meeting on 19th June 2018 had been circulated and were approved

Canal & River Trust

Anyone wishing to join the Tow Path Task Force should contact Ian Jackson on

Several boats will be taking part in the Canal Rally meeting at Warland Summit on Thursday 19th July when the rushes are put on the Rush Bearing Cart and the attending the festival the following Saturday and Sunday

Café Boat Scheme

  1. Covered workspace

Julian Farnell being absent was unable to update the meeting

He is understood to be in contact with Mr John Lawn who has premises to house the boat while it is being fitted out

John Kay understands that there has been a delay because the brakes on the boat trailer were seized on.

  1. Operating Fees
    1. We will shortly open further discussions with the C & RT to agree the amount of any mooring fees and operating fees which will be payable


  1. We will then be able to set out an accurate budget for the project. The target for starting to trade is now spring 2019


  1. John Kay will seek an extension of time with C & RT
  1. Any other Business
    1. The lack of action by C & RT was discussed as this often gave rise to needless expenditure of funds
      1. Brian Holden has received 19 letters in identical form about the display of his boat’s number. He had already answered the first letter by phone
      2. The logo on C & RT letterhead had been changed from one with a bridge and swans (being relevant to the canal) to a new one which looked just like a circle


  1. The two taps which provided drinking water for boaters have been removed and there was no such facility on the canal for many miles

Date of Next Meetings   Tuesday 21st August, Tuesday 18th September and Tuesday 16th October 2018

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Meeting times

Meetings are normally held on the third Tuesday each month starting at 7.30pm

The group is now meeting at 

Hare Hill House, Hare Hill Park Littleborough OL15 9HF