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"Don't Waste our Waste Water" Campaign

The Lock at Summit Littleborough has only sufficient water to permit four boats to pass through each day. The Lock Keeper Ray McDonald has to operate a booking system.

It does not need to be like this as on most days of the year surplus water from the reservoirs on Blackstone Edge Moor, which were originally built to serve the Canal, is being allowed to run to waste by United Utilities who now own the reservoirs.

It would cost not one penny to divert this water into the canal with the result that for most of the year there would be no need for a booking system as there would be sufficient water for all the boats who wish to pass through the lock.

The equipment to divert the water is already in place. But it has been padlocked to prevent use.

The photograph with this page shows water from the reservoirs coming into a sump. When the water level rises it flows over the stone barrier and runs to waste in the river Roch which in wet periods then overflows further down stream in Littleborough and Rochdale. What a waste.

If Ray the Lock Keeper is permitted to open the values which can be seen on the left of the picture that surplus water can be diverted into the canal and stored there for use when needed. It is even metered so that the amount used would be known if United Utilities were to insist on being paid for this waste water.

It is difficult to understand what the downside is for either United Utilities or British Water Ways. Businesses in Littleborough are being deprived of the business of the tourists who would visit if they were not being discouraged by the delays in getting through the Summit Lock.

On Friday 29th May 2009 Paul Rowen MP visited the lock to see first hand what the problem is. He has promised to see if he can get common sense to prevail.

John F Kay Vice Chairman of LCDG

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