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Minutes for Meeting 140 -18th October 2016

Minutes for Meeting No 140  Held Tuesday October 18th  7.30pm at Harehill House


Bob Weatherley   Ian Jackson  Barry Horner  Keith Hallam Brian Holden Julian Farnell  Bob Furnell Jon Stopp

Apologies for Absence; John Kay

1)Matters arising from meeting of 20th September if not on main agenda

Ian Jackson had raised various matters in connection with the minutes of the previous meeting regarding the community fund collections arrangements for the Canal side Cafe. See item 6) below. Ian also queried whether our group (LCDG) should still be paying for the room as we were now part of the Civic Trust

2)Littleborough Civic Trust Update;

See item 3)  below

3)Littleborough Neighbourhood Forum

Ian Jackson has advised that the Forum Meeting due to be held on 5th November has been cancelled as this subgroup is now incorporated into the main role of remit of the Civic Trust.

4)Durn Marina;

No further information has been put forward since the last meeting. However, as part of a Field Day trip on Thursday 29th September, myself, John Kay and Julian Farnell visited Stretford Marina on the Bridgewater Canal.

This marina has approximately 45 moorings for mixed craft types and lengths, and has electricity and water facilities, with also a full sanitary station, which includes a Shower. The marina has been developed by Peel Holdings about 4 years ago and is surrounded by a large residential development


5)Canal & River Trust

  1. Update on volunteer scheme

Bob Furnell has advised that the scheme needs more volunteers. Ian Jackson advised that there needs to be more public awareness, along with a high profile publicity campaign, aimed at the local community along with businesses, (and maybe Hopwood College etc).

Bob also advised it may be of interest to the local community to have Nature Conservation events along the Canal Corridor.

 C&RT have such a member of staff to coordinate such events

With Jon Stopp being present it was also an ideal opportunity for Bob Furnell to find out why his volunteer group work parties were not receiving the equipment and materials needed for the work days.

Jon Stopp emphasised to Bob Furnell the importance of preparing a work plan, (it is understood by the author of these notes that this has been previously been requested by the C&RT, but not actioned) with dates on which the work was to be done, and where, to be submitted to the C&RT well in advance of work dates, so that materials, equipment, and C&RT volunteer coordinator would be available when needed.


6)Canal side Cafe at Ealees

  1. General update by Bob Furnell (present ) & Andrea Cottrill (Scott);

Bob Furnell has advised that in his dealings with B&E Boys, and Rochdale Council, he has become aware that the Canal side Community Cafe project he is fronting will have to pay B&E Boys 1 month rent ( plus VAT)up front for the derelict site, BEFORE a planning application can be processed through Rochdale Council.

  1. Bob Furnell advised he has recently banked about £900 raised through canal side and other street located donations, with the accountability for theStreet Traders Licences he has been granted being monitored by a Bev Wilkinson of Rochdale Council.

Bob further advised that a total of approx 7 to 8 of these licences having been granted, and he has utilised about 6 so far. ( it is understood these licences are for 1 day each ).

  1. Ian Jackson has asked Bob Furnell where are the previous accounts for street/ canal side collections.

The author of these notes has not recorded whether or not that question was answered to Ian’s satisfaction. ( Maybe a point for further monitoring ) .

  1. Ian Jackson also raised the matter of the Canalside Cafe Facebook website and it’s possible misleading content.

Bob Furnell confirmed this had now been resolved

  1. Julian Farnell has advised that a local engineering company ( Mactec) are also interested in using this same site.

7)Tour boat Scheme

  1. Proposal to convert to floating catering facility.

Following the “ Field Trip” as advised in item 4) above, our visits also included  a visit to the “ Butty Boat” at Lymm, and also Hesford Boatyard near Lymm.

This is a traditional boatyard with slipway, waterside fuelling service, and complete repair/fit out facilities, and chandlery shop

We sourced some good information from the boat owners. As part of the set up process the local authority also has to involved for licencing the boat for Food and Hygiene rating purposes.

As a result of discussions following the visit, between Julian Farnell and John Kay it has become evident that for the size of the boat it is more practical to develop it a floating snack bar, with a permanent  towpath side based mooring.

Julian has advised he is quite prepared to offer his services in respect of structural remedial work on the boat, and also any painting work.

John Kay has had a reply from Richard Delves from the C&RT at Leeds with a link to a website with details of procedural notes for licence and mooring application, which would enable the boat to be classed as a Floating Trader.

We wait further update from John on this process, and then to assess set up costs for licencing etc

  1. Bob Furnell was advised that there is now a strong conflict of interest between the Canalside Cafe project, (to which he has amassed the account for funds collected) and the Floating Snack Bar.
  2. It would be of interest to this group ( LCDG) to have written confirmation for the next meeting as to how much total funds this account has accrued
  1. Akzo Nobel site update if any;

Nothing reported .

9)Any other business;

  1. Bob Furnell advised that fencing at the side of Lock 47 was falling down.  We were advised the land belongs to Network Rail.
  1. On Wednesday 19th October, myself, Ian Jackson, and Bob Furnell attended the North Forum User Group meeting of the C&RT. This is held every 6 months.


Again the issue of the lack of suitable sanitary amenities along our stretch of canal was highlighted by the Leeds regional representative of the IWA  Inland Waterways Association.

  1. I had also asked if it is possible to have a Littleborough Information leaflet created and printed similar to those in existence for Hebden Bridge and Sowerby Bridge, and Standedge Tunnel.

 My suggestion was endorsed by Brian Holden, to emphasise the importance of our locality to the folk who visit this area. I was advised this would be considered, budget permitted

 We wait for further feedback from the C&RT on these matters.

This meeting is a valuable source of statistics and information concerning the Manchester and Pennines area of the canal Network.

Dates of next meetings ;

Tuesday 15th  November ( Apologies from John Kay)

No Meeting in December 2016

Tuesday 17th January 2017

All meetings to be held at Harehill House

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