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Minutes meeting 125 Tuesday 16th June 2015

Minutes of a meeting of the Members of

Littleborough Canalside Development Group

Held at the United Reform Church, Victoria Street Littleborough

On Tuesday 16th June 2015 at 7.30pm


John F Kay – in the chair

Keith Hallam

Ian Jackson

Brian Holden

Bob Furnell

Barry Horner

Cllr Ann Stott


Apologies   Peter Evans (by phone)


  1. Ian Jackson was welcomed to his first meeting. He is a volunteer Lock Keeper with Bob Furnell.
  2. There do not appear to be any minutes from the meeting on 19th May 2015
    1. JFK is still working on papers for a CIO. No copy of the constitution has been found and so he will proceed with a new set of Objects
    2. Gez Wood will shortly leave RMBC and so both JFK and Cllr Ann Stott will try to get the name of an officer who will be our contact in future.  Rochdale Canal Society do not have such a contact at present
  3. Littleborough Neighbourhood Forum
    1.  JFK explained that the analysis of the well supported questionnaire was currently awaited. This would be a useful document even it the forum did not proceed further
  4. Tour Boat Scheme
    1. Bob Furnell reported that the collection boxes had so far raised about £62
    2. It was agreed that this year’s objective would be to get the boat available for private club use as opposed to public service. The licensing and insurance requirements would be more manageable
    3. Bob Furnell will prepare a list of the work necessary to reach this objective
    4. We will cost out this work and JFK will arrange finance
    5. Members of LCDG would become eligible to sale as private club members on payment of a small subscription
    6. We would notify CRT that we will launch the boat as an act of civil disobedience if they do not authorise a mooring
    7. Keith Hallam has sold his boat because CRT would not let him have a mooring
    8. It was reported by Bob Furnell that Boys Developments were prepared to rent their land at Ealees for £6,000 pa if it was required for a temporary cafe
  5. Adopt a Canal Scheme
    1. Work near Lock 47 was going well. A local firm would assist in the re-pointing
    2. The fencing would be renewed as the next task
    3. Application to adopt the Ealees length of the canal would be made soon
  6. Akzo Nobel Site  - Nothing to report
  7. Rochdale Canal Society – Nothing to report
  8. Any other business
    1. Bob Furnell reported that a TV program would be filmed on the canal between Bridges 63 and 51 i.e. between Rochdale and Littleborough on the 27th or 28th June 2015
  9. Date of Next Meeting   Tuesday 21st July 2015

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Meetings are normally held on the third Tuesday each month starting at 7.30pm

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