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Minutes of 113 rd meeting on 20th May 2014



Minutes of 113 rd meeting on 20th May 2014


Present: Peter Evans (Chairman), Keith Hallam, Brian Holden, Barry Horner, John F Kay,  Ken Rosbotham,   Bob Furnell,, Jon Stopp,  Jamie Paterson,


Apologies: Helen Evans, Ann Stott, Iain Gerrard


  1. Minutes of 15th April 2014 meeting (no. 112) were approved. John Kay apologised for the quality of the minutes.


  1. Littleborough Neighbourhood Forum
    1.  Work on a Neighbourhood Plan, which would provide additional requirements to the Local Authority Local Plan in specific areas of concern, was now in hand. This might take over a year to complete. This group would be involved with matters relating to the Canal and any future Marina


  1. Durn Marina and Tour Boat Project
    1. John Kay and Bob Furnell updated the meeting about the project to create a tour boat on the section of canal between Ealees and Clegg Hall
    2. A 22ft boat has been identified. Keith Hallam will look at this with Bob Furnell


  1.     Littleborough Volunteer Lengthsman Scheme
    1. Jon Stopp reviewed the OWL scheme which was working satisfactorily
    2. John Kay apologised that the website on which Owls could record matters reported and Jon Stopp and the Canal Trust could add details of action taken had not yet been set up


  1.   Akzo Nobel Site
    1. No matters to report


  1.  The Tour De France  & Littleborough festivals
    1. Jon Stopp confirmed that the Canal Trust and the Owls will have a Gazebo and stand at the Farmer’s Market on 13th July 2014
    2. John Kay gave a brief overview of the events organised for the three weeks commencing with the Tour De France weekend


  1.   The Roch River Valley Park Project
    1. Nothing to report this month


  1.  Any other Business
    1. Jamie explained to the meeting his research on the use of Duck weed to purify water
    2. Help was required top tidy up the canal bank between Locks 47 & 48


9. Next meetings: Tuesdays 17th June, 15th July and 19th August 2014.

  all at 19.30h in United Reformed Church, Victoria Street, Littleborough.

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