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Minutes of 121st meeting on 17th February 2015.


Minutes of 121st meeting on 17th February 2015.

Present: John F Kay (Vice - Chairman) (JFK), Brian Holden, Barry Horner, Bob Furnell, Bob Weatherley, Ken Rosbotham, Keith Hallam, Paul Bowerman (C& R T) Andy Sutcliffe (GMP) Paul Brown (GMP)

 Apologies: Peter Evans, Cllr Ann Stott

 Minutes of Meeting on 20th January 2015


  1. Littleborough Neighbourhood Forum
    1.  No new issues
  2. Durn Marina and Tour Boat Project
    1. JFK has written to Wayne Poole confirming our wish to have a Marina at Durn
    2. A note from Wayne Poole about Dog Dirt Bins was discussed. The Canal & River Trust needs the council to agree to empty them.
    3. Stephen Pyke of RMBC has some “dog fouling signs” and Bob Furnell will contact him about these
    4. Hebden Bridge has a Dog Warden. Fixed penalty notices might be part of the answer
    5. Bob Furnell updated the group on progress with the Boat


  1.    Canal & River Trust
    1. The “Adopt a Canal” Scheme has now started. 8 volunteers lead by Bob Furnell met on Sunday 8th February and cleared the wharf at Durn and the area near Lock 47. The group now have a website. Further meetings are being arranged.
    2. A detailed discussion was held about the “Canal Watch” schemes which were now operating elsewhere and the development of a “Littleborough Canal Watch” to incorporate the “Adopt a Canal Group” and the “Littleborough OWLs” received general support.
    3. Andy Sutcliffe and Paul Brown from GMP agreed that there were many community benefits by working closely with a “Littleborough Canal Watch”.
    4. Jon Stopp and Paul Bowerman from the Canal and River Trust were also supportive.
    5. It was agreed that JFK would look into the possibility of converting Littleborough Canalside Development group into a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) of which “Littleborough Canal Watch” would be a Sub-committee and the Tour Boat Project would also be a Sub-Committee.
    6. JFK will also try to identify an officer in the Rochdale MBC who will be our link to the Local authority as the successful Canal Watch Schemes at Hebden Bridge and in Manchester benefitted from strong Local Authority support
  1.   Akzo Nobel Site
    1. No matters to report
  1.  Rochdale Canal Society
    1. No matters to report
  1.  Any other Business
  2.  Next meetings: Tuesdays 17th March, 21st April, 21st April 2015

  all at 19.30h in United Reformed Church, Victoria Street, Littleborough.

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