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Minutes of 72nd Meeting on 17th August 2010

Littleborough Canalside Development Group
Meeting Tuesday 17th August 2010
JFK’s Notes on Matters Arising

Minutes to be Prepared by Roger Davis

1. Peter Evans to investigate further the Lech Plant obstruction at Schofield Street. RMBC have claimed that they have no power to prevent it.

2. Tony Peplow advised that he has appealed against the refusal of his planning consent and can continue to operate the café at Ealees until the appeal has been determined. The Council advised that it would be 6 months before he reaches that stage.

3. Towpath improvement work.

In spite of meetings it appears this work is continuing without any proper drainage and it is expected to show deterioration within 12 months.

An opportunity has been missed to improve access for disabled people. Certain ramps have been removed and steps have been placed which are not wheelchair friendly.

4. Durn Marina

JFK reported on his meeting with the proposed developers. It was agreed that we should compile a wish list showing how we would like the marina to be laid out and operated. Members of the committee are to consider this over the next month and at the next meeting to bring their written suggestions so that JFK can compile a composite proposal.

JFK will also contact British Waterways and seek a further extension to our expression of interest.

5. Don’t waste our waste water campaign

This has been put on hold at the present time due to the water shortage, hosepipe ban, etcetera. However by September/October waste water should again be flowing down the overflow and he will then take the matter up with the MP.

Tony Peplow advised that:-

1. Members of the public were asking for maps when they called at his café. Brian Holden and the Rochdale Canal Society will try to provide some.

2. There maybe scope for a public trip boat operating from Ealees towards Rochdale.

Next meeting Tuesday 21st September 2010

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