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Minutes of 85th meeting on 18th October 2011


Minutes of 85th meeting on 18th October 2011
Present: Cllr Peter Evans (Chairman), Brian Holden, Barry Horner, John Kershaw, Barbara Weatherley, Bob Weatherley

Apologies: John Kay, Roger Davis, Cynthia Davis, Cllr Ann Stott, Keith Hallam, Barbara Tunstall

1. Minutes of previous meeting 84 accepted

2. Matters arising from meeting 84 that are not on the agenda
i) Canal Street lay by – legal notice authorised
ii) The mooring stretch has now additionally been barricaded at Mechplant

3. Canal Tow Path
i) untreated stretch above Summit is waterlogged in several places making it only passable in wellington boots.
ii) no additional examples of the use of weed killer has been seen or reported.
ii) a new feature has been stalled alongside the towpath at Lock 39 above Summit that includes historical information about the Rochdale Canal. This was provided by Pennine Prospects and is due to be reported in the Rochdale Observer.

4. The water supply to Rochdale Canal at the high point of the canal above Summit was further discussed in depth. It was resolved to produce documentation that will give details of any past agreement(s) made to provide a supply of water to the canal and whether such agreement(s) came with conditions attached that might help to identify any obligations that parties entered into in order to ensure the good order and well being of the canal, so that further progress can be made on this issue. BH has agreed to speak to Jack Kershaw, Manchester, regarding historical documents and Brian Holden has also said he will look into past data.

5. Durn Marina. No further progress of any significance has surfaced.

6.. Any other business. None

7. Next meetings: Tuesday 15th November 2011
                             Tuesday 17th January 2012
                             Tuesday 21st February 2012

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