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Minutes of 86th meeting on Tues 18 November 2011


Minutes of 86th meeting on Tuesday 18 November 2011.

Present: Cllr. Peter Evans (Chairman), Keith Hallam, Brian Holden, John F Kay, John Kershaw, Cllr. Ann Stott, Barbara Tunstall, Barbara Weatherley, Bob Weatherley, Roger Davis.

Apologies: Cynthia Davis, Barry Horner.

1. Minutes of last meeting (no.85). Accepted with the following amendment; in item 3.1 delete the word “above” substitute the word “below”.

2. Matters arising from meeting 85 that are not on the main agenda.
2.1 Canal Street car park, restriction to be legalised.
2.2 Mechplant obstruction of Schofield Street. Mechplant’s land goes to the canal; they have installed a barrier on Schofield Street which is an unadopted public highway. The council have a duty to ensure the public have access to the canal on this street. They have shown no interest in doing this. Cllr.s Evans and Stott will raise this matter with the Portfolio Holder for the Environment. JFK will arrange to issue a press release.
2.3 We are members of the Inland Waterways Association.

3. Tow Path Improvement
No change to what was reported in meeting 85, items 3.1 and 3.2.

4. Durn Marina.
4.1 No planning application appears to have been submitted by Brierstone. There is the possibility of the company being restructured.
4.2 Our expression of interest expires on 21/11. JFK will attempt to get this extended. He is unable to prepare a feasibility study until such time as a planning application is submitted.
4.3 In April 2012 British Waterways becomes a charity with the Waterways Trust and it is hoped there will be an opportunity for more local input.

5. Linear Park Group.
The Weatherleys will be attending a meeting on 23/11 when the “Adopt a Length” initiative will be discussed.

6. Next meetings: None in December
In 2012: Tuesdays 17 January, 21 February and 20 March.
All meetings at 19.30h in United Reform Church, Victoria Street, Littleborough.

Post Meeting.

Re item 4.2 above.

Correspondence exchange between JFK and BW has resulted in our Expression of Interest being extended to 17 May 2012.

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