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Minutes of 87th meeting on 17 January 2012.


Minutes of 87th meeting on 17 January 2012.

Present: Cllr. Peter Evans (Chairman), Keith Hallam, Brian Holden, Barry Horner, John F Kay, John Kershaw, Cllr. Ann Stott, Barbara Tunstall, Barbara Weatherley, Bob Weatherley, Roger Davis.

Apologies: Cynthia Davis.

1. Minutes of last meeting (no.86) approved.

2. Matters arising from meeting 86 that are not on the agenda.
2.1 Mechplant. No reply received from Environment .JFK will arrange a press release regarding obstruction of the public highway.
2.2 Linear Park Group.
BobW explained “Adopt a Length” and suggested we should consider this in the Littleborough area. It was agreed the situation should be considered in detail in April.
JFK will contact John Stott and Kate Statham of BW to invite them to our next meeting to explain the scheme.
(Whilst not part of this point the meeting was advised the canal was leaking at East Street. This will necessitate BW having to drain the canal to repoint to cure leakage).

3. Tow Path Improvement. Nothing to report.

4. Durn Marina.
4.1 Exchange of mails JFK to Peter Rowlinson (RMBC).
15/1 JFK: Requesting update Brierstone Developments and Marina. Appears they have an application relating to the Arches but nothing for the marina. Suggested if the development at Durn is not proceeding perhaps RMBC would give LCDG the old council yard at Schofield Street to develop as working marina and Brierstone could build phase 1 of the marina as planning gain for the railway arches.
16/1 PR: Confirms nothing has progressed from Brierstone. Would be nice to get the marina development as planning but I am not convinced there is any real value in the arches and not enough to build a marina.
16/1 JFK: I think the arches will have considerable and marketing value. The marina as discussed should not cost a lot to provide. What is your reaction to a possible transfer of the old council yard at Schofield Street to a community interest company?

5. Akzo.
5.1An application for 174 houses, no affordable houses, had been submitted by Countryside Properties. This is now going through the standard process.
5.2 At Pennines Township meeting on 10/1 a public meeting had been called for. This is in the process of being arranged.

6. Hare Hill House.
A meeting has been called by the Directors of Moor End Development Trust to discuss the future of the building. Meeting is at 19.00h 2/2, all welcome.
7. Next meetings. Tuesdays 21 February, 20 March and 17 April. All at 19.30h in United Reform Church, Victoria Street, Littleborough

Post Meeting. Cllr Evans has received an e-mail, on 20/1, from a Network Management and Road Safety advising they were about to instruct legal department to check the draft order and notices for a proposed 7.5t weight restriction on the access road off Canal Street

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