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Minutes of 92nd meeting on 19 June 2012.


Minutes of 92nd meeting on 19 June 2012.

Present: Peter Evans (Chairman), Pat Carline, Helen Evans, Iain Gerrard, Brian Holden, Barry Horner, John Kershaw, John F Kay, Ken Rosbotham, Cllr Ann Stott, Roger Davis.

Apologies: Cynthia Davis, Keith Hallam, Cllr John Hartley.

1. Minutes of last meeting (no. 91) approved with the following amendments:
Item 4, there are two 4.6 items, the second one should be 4.6a.
Item 5, delete the word Reform, substitute the word Reformed.

2. Durn Marina.
2.1 Expression of interest expired on 17/5, BW had queried if we wished to extend. JFK had e-mailed requesting consideration be given to our extending our expression of interest as the developer had gone out of business. RMBC to be requested to assist in finding another developer.
2.2 No information had been received from RMBC regarding the council yard.
2.3 BHol advised that boats are being moored at Durn Canal Street.
2.4 IG expressed concern about the houses that could also form part of any Marina development as to what they would be and the materials used. He pointed out a developer would not be attracted to say 20 houses and it would be desirable to have discussions at an early stage with any developer.
2.5 JK suggested if may be better if the marina was owned by the developer.
2.6 JFK advised he had heard from the Big Society, whom he had approached for funding, that the project did not fit in with their criteria.
2.7 No progress on Schofield Street.

3. Littleborough Volunteer Lengthsman Scheme.
3.1 Response so far has been disappointing. JFK will obtain details of exactly what is required of volunteers.

4. Akzo Nobel
4.1 JFK read out letters received concerning this project. One for and one against, the latter being from someone who had worked there and seen what occurred regarding chemicals.
4.2 No indication from RMBC regarding a date for the promised public meeting. It should be noted further documentation is being published as an addition to the planning application. Such documentation is dated prior to the full application.

5. Any other Business.
5.1 It was decided not to renew our membership of the IWA.
5.2 A Rochdale based boat builder, Honor Marine could be interested in repairing the Lady Alice.

7. Next meetings: Tuesdays 17 July, 21 August and 18 September. All at 19.30h in United Reformed Church, Victoria Street, Littleborough.

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