Littleborough Canalside Development Group Prize Winning Site

Photographic Record of Rochdale Canal

The Committee have decided that we should include on our website photographs of the Rochdale Canal as it passes through Littleborough.

In creating this we wish to that Mrs Cynthia Davis for permitting us to use photographs from her collection.

Only one photgraph can be displayed on this page but the others can be found in the gallery.

The photographs will include :-

1 Lock Keepers Cottage Lock 36

2 Summit Canal Boat Rally

3 Arthur

4 Boats at the Rally

5 Approaching Lock 37

6 Lock Keepers Cottage West Summit Lock 37

7 Operating lock gates

8 Moving out of the Lock 37

9 Travis Barge in Lock 37

10 Pikehouse Lock 45

11 Durn site

12 Boats at Durn

13 Durn

14 Fishing at Durn

15 Durn Lock 47

16 Littleborough Wharf at the Annual Rush Bearing Ceremony

17 Froyer Narrow Boat at Lock 48

18 Narrow Boat at Ealees

19 Fishing at Ealees

20 Feeding Geese at Ealees

21 Ealees

22 Canal flora at Ealees

23 Lodge Bridge Smithybridge

24 Clegg Hall Mill

25 Clegg Hall ruin 2004

26 Clegg Hall frontage

27 Commencing restoration

28 Clegg Hall 17.12.05

29 View of canal from Clegg Hall

30 Boat at Clegg Hall

31 Clegg Hall as it is at March 2009 

32 Special Site of Scientific Interest Plaque at Lock 48

33 SSSI Protection area situated just before Clegg Hall

34 Floating Water Plantain

35 Native Crayfish White-clawed

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