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Tuesday 17th November 2015

Minutes of a meeting of the Members of Littleborough Canalside Development Group

Held at the United Reform Church, Victoria Street Littleborough

On Tuesday 17th November 2015 at 7.30pm

Present:- Peter Evans  - in the chair

John F Kay

Brian Holden

Barry Horner

Ian Jackson

Bob Weatherly

Keith Hallam

Rob Quinlan

John Robinshaw

Bob Furnell

Jon Stopp

Apologies    Cllr Ann Stott

,The minutes from the meeting on 20th October  2015 were read and approved

  1. JFK is still working on papers for Littleborough Canalside Development Group to become  a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO ). No copy of the constitution has yet been found and so he will proceed with a new set of Objects
  2. Littleborough Marina CIC  belongs to this Group and is a Community Interest Company (CIC) . The Tour Boat Scheme will probably be run via this company.
  1. Littleborough Civic Trust and Neighbourhood Forum
    1.  JFK explained that on Tuesday 8th December 2015 there was an important meeting of Littleborough Civic Trust where some members were suggesting that it should be wound up. He thinks it is important that the Civic Trust is retained and a new committee elected.  He encourages all member of LCDG to attend the meeting at 7.30pm at Littleborough Coach House Lodge St Littleborough to support him
    2. The Neighbourhood Forum is run as a committee of the Civic Trust
    3. The Neighbourhood Forum has just been awarded a grant of £7,940 and technical support. It would release the analysis of the well supported questionnaire very soon.
  2. Durn Marina
    1. JFK reported on his meeting with Mark Prestwich of Rochdale MBC and his assurance that the developer of the Councils land at Durn would construct phase 1 of the Durn Marina
    2. Mechplant’s land split the councils land and their fencing was overhanging the canal which causes difficulties for boats using the sanitary station.
    3. Mark Prestwich has said that he hopes to start to market the site within weeks. Further details are not yet known
  3. Tour Boat Scheme
    1. It was agreed that we will submit a grant application to the Crook Hill Community Benefit Fund to pay for The work needed by Pickwell & Arnold boatyard near Hebden Bridge  to make the Boat fit for use
    2. The application must be submitted by 24th February 2016.
    3. We will look into the cost of installing an electric motor in the Boat.  Bob Weatherly will research this
  1.    Canalside Café at Ealees

Bob Furnell reported that

  1. The site at Ealees had now been cleared
  2. A planning application will be submitted very soon
  3. Terms for a lease of the site from Boyes developments was being negotiated. They were looking for a rental of £500 per month
  4. The café building would be of moveable construction
  5. They were seeking insurance cover for the business
  6. It may be set up as a CIO and will certainly be a community project
  1.  Adopt a Canal Scheme
    1. Bob Furnell reported on the successful presentation which he had made to the meeting of Northern and Midland Adoption Groups which was held in Birmingham.
    2. He had shown photos of the canal before and after their work
    3. He had given details of the Dog Waste Bins which RMBC have restored on the tow path
    4. Work was now being undertaken to remove the ferns which discouraged mooring on this section of the canal.
    5. The Canal and River Trust were now offering Winter linear Moorings along the side of the canal. There may be a risk of vandalism. Mooring on the opposite side of the canal might be encouraged if phase 1 of the Durn Marina is constructed
  1. Akzo Nobel Site  - Nothing to report
  1. Any other business  - We have now signed an agreement with Littleborough United Reform Church for our monthly meetings. We now have our own key.

 Date of Next Meeting       

Tuesday 19th January 2016

Tuesday 16th February 2016

Tuesday 15th March 2016


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