Littleborough Darts & Dominoes League

Meetings minutes 2019/20



1. A total of 9 teams were represented at the meeting.

2. A balance sheet was distributed and agreed by all present.

3. Three rule changes were proposed and passed unanimously.

4. All 9 teams took away registration forms for 2019/20 season.

5. Decided that the league could no longer sustain donations to the Superleague  ~ carried unanimously.

6.  Decided unanimously to introduce x3 games of Crib into Match nights. General Crib rules apply. Registered Darts/Doms players to play Crib.

7. Scorecards to be changed to incorporate all 3 games on 1 scorecard.

8. Officers elected were:

I Jackson


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Littleborough Darts & Dominoes League

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