Littleborough Darts & Dominoes League

Rules 2019/20


1. Littleborough Darts and Dominoes League shall be defined as an ‘Unincorporated     Association’.

2.  Maximum of 16. Minimum teams to make league viable to be decided by committee.

3. Only 2 officer’s posts shall be available. The officers, Secretary & Treasurer to be democratically elected by show of hands vote at each AGM annually which shall be held on a Wednesday during the month of August.

Contenders should be present and have been nominated via a Proposer and Seconder, from pubs which can include their home base/team, with a majority vote at the AGM. No officer shall continue in post to the next season without being elected as above.

The committee shall consist of one representative from each team, whoever that person may be on the evening of a league meeting. No other form of committee may exist.

4. The AGM will be an open meeting where a balance sheet record shall be issued, with one vote per registered team.

5. Registered teams shall have one vote per team at all meetings.

6. No resolution shall be amended or rescinded at the meeting at which it was passed.

7. To amend or rescind any resolution, notice shall be given, in writing to the elected officers not less than 21 days prior to the date of next meeting, and will necessitate a 2 to 1 majority vote.

8. The League Season shall commence annually during the month of September or October, dependant on number of teams entering league.

9. Registered teams must play both darts and dominoes.

10. League registration forms, together with a £2 signing on fee for each player registered must be returned to the committee no later than the pre-season meeting. Entry fees for both League singles and pairs competitions, and the match fee(s) shall be at the discretion of the committee. Further player registrations, along with the appropriate signing on fee are allowed up until the league meeting following the halfway point in the league fixtures. No further registrations are allowed after this point.

11. Only funerals will be accepted as a reason to postpone any match and MUST be played prior to the end of the season, by mutual agreement between teams involved. Failure to play during the season shall result in the team responsible for postponing the match forfeiting the points to the opposing team involved.

12. Results must be phoned in on 07917 763937 no later than 8.00pm on Friday of same week. Score cards to be handed in at meetings. Failure to do so incurs a £10 fine. Defaced cards will incur a £10 fine.

13. If the league comprises two divisions, new teams will be placed in the ‘B’ Division with the proviso that the Committee will have the right to decide the composition of each division of the League.

14. DISPUTES:  Protests must be made in writing to the committee, to arrive not later than 48 hours after the dispute in question. Result card(s), signed by both captains and marked “UNDER PROTEST” should accompany the letter, and posted to: Littleborough Darts & Dominoes League, c/o Littleborough Con Club, Peel St, Littleborough, OL15 8AQ

15. Promotion and Relegation (If applicable): 2 up and 2 down, based on Darts league placings.

16. Aggregate Shield: Awarded to the team in each division with the highest combined darts and dominoes league points. League placings to decide in the event of a tie.

17. Teams resigning from the League shall have their records expunged. All other teams shall allow the monies paid to be added to the prize money. As such, no team will receive a refund as a consequence of a team withdrawing from the league mid-season.

18. Teams in arrears from any previous season shall be refused entry into the League until such arrears are cleared.

19. League meetings shall be listed on the Fixture list. Only business on the agenda shall be dealt with. The committee shall be given at least 48 hours notice should anyone wish to have any business placed on the agenda.

20. Teams not represented at listed meetings shall incur a fine of £10. They shall then receive an invoice for unpaid subscriptions and fines before the next meeting.

21. Teams failing to turn up for matches (See Rule 11) without giving prior notice to the elected officers and the opposition will be fined £10. If this should happen more than twice in the same season, the team will be expelled from the League, and not allowed to enter the following season.

22. Teams found to have broken any of the rules will be dealt with by the committee.

23. The committee shall have the power to deal with any points not covered in these rules. Their decision being final.

24. The committee has the right to recommend any amendments or additions to the rules at any time. The recommendations will then be put forward at the next meeting, for ratification by the registered teams present.

DARTS RULES 2018/2019
1. The game shall consist of best of 3 x 501, straight start, double finish. Bull = double 25 Trebles to Count. No bursting.
2. A match shall be seven games playing as Rule 1. One Point for each game. Thus best of 7. Two points to the winners
3. The board shall be 5’ 8” from floor to centre of the bull. The minimum throwing distance shall be 7’ 91/4” from the face
of the board to the oche. This applies to both male and female players.
4. Order of play: Away team first to board, then alternate throughout the match.
5. Teams MUST field a minimum of 5 players to fulfill the fixture. The team captain must notify the opposition captain of the number of players he has available BEFORE any games are played
6. The following rules shall apply ONLY for teams turning up with less than 7 players:
6a. BEFORE the match starts, all available players (MINIMUM OF 5) shall be entered into ONE blind draw to determine who the 6th (if applicable) and 7th players shall be. These names to be entered onto the match card IMMEDIATELY. Captains to then name their players as rule 7 up until the point players are already entered on the card. For players entered into 2 games on the night, least darts, highest finish and 180's DO NOT count in the 2nd game played.
7. Away Captain to name his player first on the card in games 1, 3, 5 and 7. Home Captain in games 2, 4 and 6.
8. Start 8:30pm prompt. A team not having a player’s name on the card at this time shall forfeit the first game 1-0. Next game to start at 8:45pm. If four registered players are not present at this time the match and points are conceded.
10. A player playing in another league on match night will cancel his registration with the L/boro League. Re-registration will not be considered until 1 further season has elapsed. This shall not apply if Summer and Winter Leagues overlap. 
11. Teams playing an unregistered player shall incur a fine of £10, and maximum match points shall be awarded opponents.
12. NO PROMPTING ALLOWED: Marker or Team Captain may be asked “How many scored?” or “How many left?". Marker and Team Captains are solely responsible for match order and condition of game.

1. A game shall be one x 91 up of 5s and 3s, knocks to count. If play is stitched, lowest domino pegs one. A game is
won when 91 or more points are scored, i.e, if a pair needs 3 points to reach 91 points and can score 3 points or more, the domino is played, the score is recorded and the game is won. 
2. A match shall be Five pairs playing for 1pt per game. Thus best of 5 + 1extra point for winning team. Captains can nominate 4th & 5th pair, however these CANNOT be comprised of the same pairings as previously played.
3. Away team to drop out of hand 1st , 3rd  and 5th  games. Home team 2nd  and 4th. With the exception of the player whose drop it is, no player is to look at his/her dominoes until the drop has been made.
4. Start 8:30pm prompt. Team not having player’s names on card at this time shall concede first game 91-0. Next game to start at 8:45pm. Teams not having 4 registered players present at this time shall concede match and points to opponents.
5. Only the players involved in the game being played and the Team Captains are allowed to speak.
6. Teams not playing all five games shall forfeit the points only for any games not played.
7. Teams playing an unregistered player shall incur a fine of £10, and maximum match points shall be awarded opponents.
8. Once a domino’s value is seen it is deemed "in play". See Rule 9.
9. MISPLAY 1: Domino that is playable but played at wrong end. 
Procedure: To be played at correct end without penalty.
MISPLAY 2: Domino that is unplayable at either end. 
Procedure: Game stops, non-offenders advance their score by 8 pegs. Game restarts with next drop.
MISPLAY 3: Domino(es) dropped during play, and values seen.
Procedure: As per Misplay 1 or 2, whichever is applicable.
MISPLAY 4: Any domino(es) shown during shuffle or selection.
Procedure: All dominoes returned to table, reshuffle and continue as normal. No penalty
RENEGE: Any player who knocks when holding a playable domino(es)
Procedure: It must be declared immediately. Game stops. Non-offenders advance their score by 8 pegs.
Game restarts with next drop. 
10. Should a misplay occur, it must be claimed before a further domino is played, otherwise play shall continue as normal.
11. Any un-played dominoes to be placed face upwards on table when hand is completed.

Crib (General Rules)

Cribbage is played with a fifty two card pack, Aces are low. Each round in the game is scored and the scores are counted on a cribbage board. The first pair to get 91 out wins the game.

Contact Information

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