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Support from a dedicated Carers Support Worker and how being a carer affects you and highlight any support you may need.  A Carers Support worker can provide you with information and advice, support to access a break and can facillitate access to community health and wellbeing services, activities and much more.

Sometimes, the people around you simply don’t realise the time and effort involved in caring for someone, or the invaluable contribution this can often make to the wider community. Part of the role of Rochdale Carers Hub is to make sure your commitment is recognised by those that matter, and that positive steps are taken to
enhance, prioritise and protect your own wellbeing. Of course, the range of caring roles varies due to the nature of care required for the person you care for.. This makes it important that a Carer Support Worker gets to know you the carer personally so that they can provide every individual with the most relevant and useful guidance on the following
• Identifying the services that you and the people you care for may need.
• Where to access welfare benefit advice and signpost accordingly.

Recognise yourself? Does this sound like the kind of help you really, really need? Can we help to make your caring role more manageable? The good news is the people you need to talk to are only a phone call away.

Working with other professionals In many ways we’re not dissimilar to you in that, as an organisation, we recognise there are other people and bodies around us who can add their own skills and input. For this reason, we work in partnership on your behalf with other services in planning and developing the most beneficial services for you as a carer, as well as for those you look after. Of course, Rochdale Carers Hub is here to help carers implement the care that social workers recommend for the person with the caring needs. However, our Carer Support Service is primarily focused! So remember, whether you simply need someone to talk to about your own concerns, help with the complex needs of the person you care for, or someone to speak out on your behalf – Rochdale Carers Hub is here for you.

Want to know more?  Please contact Rochdale Carers Hub triage and register with the service to assigned your own carers support Worker.

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