Meals on Wheels


A hot meal and sweet - costing only £2.75

These are delivered Monday to Friday, each lunchtime, to the elderly and house bound who are unable to go out to shop or cook for themselves.

The service is funded and subsidised by Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council, Social Services Department.

The meals are cooked at Hilltop kitchens by Caterclean, a division of RMBC Education department.

The meals are delivered in a foil container with a cardboard lid. The sweet has one compartment and the main meal has two separate compartments. These are put in heat retaining boxes (a Hotlock box) and delivered by RMBC drivers to the Meals on Wheels office for onward distribution to Meals on Wheels recipients.

Meals organiser: Tony Williams
Project Leader: Wendy Smith

Contact Information

Meals on Wheels

Redbrook Mill
Bury Road
OL11 4EE

Tel: 01706 860347