Middleton Relief In Need Charity


1. Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants for assistance should normally be persons resident in the area of the former Borough of Middleton. At the discretion of the Trustees, persons otherwise eligible but resident outside the said area, or who are temporarily located within the said area may apply.

2. What Grants are available for

The Trustees may assist in the following ways:

a) To financially assist persons living in the former Borough of Middleton, who are in a condition for need, hardship or distress by making grants of money or providing or paying for items, services or facilities calculated to reduce the need, hardship or distress of such persons;
b) To pay for such items, services or facilities by way of donations or subscriptions to institutions or organisations which provide or which undertake in return to provide such items, service or facilities for such persons;
c) In exceptional cases, a grant relief to persons otherwise eligible under 1 above.

3. Restrictions

a) No payments can be made in relief of rates, taxes or other public funds (e.g. DHSS benefits or other statutory payments) but may be made in supplementing relief or assistance provided out of public funds;
b) No payments can be made to repeat or renew the relief granted on any occasion in any case.

Call 01706 864715 for more information.

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