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***NEWS 2021***

Where are we now?

So we're just going to skip the year 2020, as so much was cancelled and unable to proceed. The ROW forum at the Council have not met and we've yet to hear when this might resume this year.  That said a few things were still happening behind the scenes so rest assured we have not given up as a group and still have many plans to keep improving riding routes in our area.


We currently have 2 upgrade applications in progress with the Council - Wickenhall and the Firgrove Loop - you can find out more about these, by clicking on the links in the menu on the left.  We've had renewed interest in the Wickenhall upgrade application and we have managed to gather some more valuable user evidence.  


More recently, we have started to prepare an upgrade application through Stanney Brook Park and the pens as this is a route a lot of local riders have used for many years.  This route incorporates a foot bridge, where there was an unfortunate incident with Gill Davies' horse   Thankfully horse and rider were both fine and the bridge was fixed but the Council stipulated that the repairs were only as a footbridge, meaning horse riders may still be at risk when riding over it.  So our plan is to first try to claim the route as a bridleway and then we can raise funds to get the bridge upgraded and safer for horse use.  We really need more user evidence before we submit this application so please if you have ridden this route and want to provide your evidence, please get in touch!


Another exciting project we've started which will make an instant improvement to our bridleways is the addition of horse rider friendly gate handles.  Local rider, Emma highlighted the issue at Rough Farm and after a little research and a nice chat with the farmer there, we discovered we could easily make this happen ourselves.  So we have purchased with bridleway funds at the total cost of £72 (£50 + £12 VAT + £10 carriage) one easy latch for the gate at Rough Farm.  It has yet to arrive and be fitted but please look out for it and give it a try in the coming months.  We would like to do this for other gates that we usually have to dismount for and we're going to organise some fundraising to help fund it.  So if there's a gate on a route you ride that would benefit from a horse-rider friendly gate handle, then please give us a shout!


We have also paid our British Horse Society renewal fee of £40 for this year so we remain a fully fledged BHS Access Group.  (Don't forget if you are not already a member of the BHS but want to be, you can get a 10% reduction in membership fees if you are a member of our group).  If you do want to support the work we do, subs are £2 a year which you can be send over by Paypal to or by BACS transfer (MNBG a/c # 55516688 sort code 01-07-44).  Thank you very much to those who have already sent money and donations, it really is much appreciated and let's us know you do value what this group is working to achieve.


Finally, we do need to hold a meeting, at the very least we need to be having an AGM every year and as these have not been particuarly well-attended (we're all have busy lives and have horses to do), we've now thought we may be able to join the rest of the world and hold meetings via Zoom or other such service.  Hopefully we may then be able to get an increase in attendance and get more people involved. So please look out for an invite in the future.





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