Milnrow & Newhey Bridleways Group

AGM Minutes 2017

The AGM took place on Wednesday 27th September at The Cedar Tree, Newhey.

Here are the minutes


Gill Dixon (chair), Lesley Taylor (treasurer), Nicola Tonge (secretary), Claire Kierans, Ruth Holt, Diane Wood, Zoe Wood, Esme Hernon, Hannah Nicholls, Jessica Brame, Lynn Beckett.


The Chair, GD opened meeting, welcomed everyone and explained the meeting was to go through the accounts and what we had been done over the year.



LT talked through the accounts which are currently in credit at £657.05; BHS affiliation being paid for this year and last year.


Bridleway Progress

NT talked through where the progress was with each project.

Carr Lane - question of how to fix and time taken to get quotes;

Now got 2 quotes of approx. £30,000, meeting TerraFirma again on 29th Sept for third quote.

Funding identified / applications so far: -

BHS Paths for Communities Fund – application submitted - £2000 offer not received

Pennine Townships - application not submitted yet due to awaiting quotes - £5000 pledged if successful; CK indicated we may have missed deadline for this year

Tesco Bags for Life Fund (max. £4000) need 1) governing document & 2) consent form by land owner

  1.       Proper constitution done with help from Council for Voluntary Service
  2.       Trying to determine landowner (not Council) awaiting response form Carr Farm.

Sports Lottery (up to £50,000) – application in progress awaiting quote information.

Woodmill Upgrade Application - had to redo maps and then will submit; Julie Simpson, ROW officer has offered help so NT going to meet up with her.

Higher Ogden – Denshaw.

Surface condition raised at last ROW forum & NT asked if another funding project - JS said they do have some funding; RH asked why they can fund that and not Carr Lane, NT said JS hasn’t seen how bad it is yet so will have to wait and see.

Wickenhall Upgrade Application

Asked about claiming at last ROW forum; encouraged to do so by RBBA, Irene Pope.

LB said the land through the wood is private, which was confirmed on re-looking at map.  Footpath is to side of wood and not through wood therefore can’t claim it.  RH said the residents only object if riders canter through the wood.

Points To Note

NT reported good support from the ROW officer at the Council and RBBA (Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association), NT has been invited to next committee meeting to share ideas.

NT asked that people try to log issues with environmental management (provided slips with contact details) as this will have a bigger impact on progress of issues.



EH said she had recruited Jill to lead a group ride on a Sunday morning to start out from Broad Carr Farm where refreshments would also be available.  NT, EH & RH discussed about charging for participation and it was suggested that £10 would be appropriate. 


LT requested a date and it was decided it needed to be done soon before the weather turns too bad. 


DW suggested we do a ride like the bridleways group had done in the past under Lesley Hopley and Elaine Scanlon.  Possible routes were discussed.


Contact Information

Milnrow & Newhey Bridleways Group

Meeting times

Meetings held 4 times a year