Milnrow & Newhey Bridleways Group

AGM Minutes 2018

MNBG AGM Minutes

Thursday 15th November 2018


Gill Dixon (chair), Nicola Tonge (secretary), Lesley Hopley, Claire Kierans, Tia Foster, Diane Wood, Tracy Davies, Esme Hernon + 1, Lynn Beckett, Steph Mills, Nigel Stanley



NT opened meeting, welcomed everyone and explained the meeting was to go through the accounts and what we had been done over the year.



NT talked through the accounts which are currently in credit by £785.76; BHS affiliation being paid for this year at new rate of £100.  Also spent £108 on Land Registry fees for upgrade applications and £23.96 on rosettes for Pleasure Ride

Monies in included £40 from subs, £121 from Christmas Carol Service, £157.16 from Pleasure Ride.


Bridleway Progress

NT talked through where the progress was with each project.

Carr Lane

Council spent £5k from ROW budget plus we got Pennine Townships £5K

Julie Simpson (JS) said they will work on it every year until it’s finished

Co-op Local Cause runs Oct 2018 – Oct 2019; membership, choose cause

Not sure where we stand with BHS Paths for Communities fund (£2000); NT to follow up with Mark Weston at the BHS.

How much of the bank balance shall we donate?

After a short discussion £500 seemed a reasonable amount which would leave us with money in bank for Land Registry work etc. GD suggested adding up each event total where we said it was for Carr Lane.


Woodmill Upgrade Application

Been in front of the Committee and approved; now with legals


Higher Ogden – Denshaw

JS has visited this site & admits it needs repair which will require funding

Look to apply to Pennine Townships next year,


Wickenhall Upgrade Application

Thanks to CK now got all the landowners that are affected

Got user evidence.

Send to form Bs to inform landowners and then put in the application


Firgrove Upgrade Applications

2 applications – Ashes Lane & playing field; CK has now got titles from Land Registry

Got user evidence so can now do form Bs to inform landowners before we submit.




NT informed members that for last 2 years, LB has laid wreath on behalf of MNBG, paid for by herself & members of the group



NT suggested we just pay £40 this coming year as don’t do enough events to warrant the additional cost for insurance.  LH suggested we do more as we’re back to square one with accounts.  SM suggested we ask the BHS if we can pay part way through the year if we decode to do events.  NT questioned whether we need insurance to run events like tack sales, although SM suggested it was better to be safe.


SM advised to look at 106 planning permissions where we could possible request new bridleways as part of new developments.


Subs were collected.







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