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CLAIM: Stanney Brook Park to Harbour Lane

Local rider Gill Davies alerted the Bridleways Group to an unsafe bridge between Stanney Brook Park and the pens and stables behind Woodlands Avenue which lead outto Harbour Lane.  Her horse's foot went through the bridge but thankfully was not seriously hurt.  We contacted the Council who fixed the bridge but only for pedestrian access as this is actually only a footpath ont he Definitive Map.

However, local riders have used this route for years to ride from Harbour Lane to Lower Lanes and reverse as well as for access to the stables.  We woudl like to get the bridge upgraded and plan to raise fudns to do this but first we need to claim it as a bridleway.  Therefore, we have started the process of collecting user evidence and will be begin to prepare the Defintive Map Modification Order (DMMO) to apply for the upgrade to a bridleway.

If you ride or have ridden this route and would be happy to add your user evidence, please get in touch for an evidence form and map.

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