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CLAIM: The “Firgrove Loop”

The bridleway at Firgrove Playing Fields was diverted some years ago on the installation of the green perimeter fence.  Originally the bridleway cut straight across the playing fields from the direction of Halliwell Street towards Rochdale Canal but now it runs behind the houses along Rochdale Road.  

However the diverted route has several problems which makes it an unpleasant and potentially hazardous ride: -

  1. It was obstructed by overgrowth which forced riders to have to ride down the busy Rochdale Road before they could re-join the bridleway at Uncouth Road.  We logged the obstruction with Environmental Management at Rochdale Council some months ago and thankfully this has now been cut back and hopefully will be maintained.
  2. It seems to be a popular place for fly tipping, making the route hazardous, obstructed and generally very unpleasant to ride.
  3. It runs directly behind the football nets of the pitches hence a quiet Sunday morning hack can soon become a game of “dodge the ball” as fast flying footballs are booted in the direction of the bridleway.
  4. It doesn’t go anywhere at the Rochdale Canal end.

We want to improve this route as it has the potential to be a valuable off-road ride for local riders by:-

  1. Upgrading the route from Ashes Lane and along the River Beal path to form a loop.
  2. Either tackling the fly tipping on the existing route or possibly getting the bridleway re-diverted to the opposite side of the playing field.


Do you ride this route?  Would you like to see it improved?  If so please get in touch and also please log it with Environmental Management on 0300 303 884 or email

UPDATE (16 Sep 2019)

The DMMO application to upgrade this route to a bridleways has now been submitted and we await consideration of our evidence.

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