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REPAIR: Ancient Road Between Milnrow & Newhey

An ancient highway that took travellers between Milnrow & Newhey, is still a popular right of way today with horse riders, walkers and mountain bikers but it is being left to deteriorate.  This old road begins at the junction of Carr Lane and Newfield Head Lane and continues passed Tame Barn Farm and Rough Farm into Newhey. 

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The cobble sets which make up the ancient road are progressively detaching resulting in a very rocky footing which is difficult to negociate and is hazardous to hoof, foot and wheel.  The bridleways group have logged this with Environmental Management at the Council and will be following up on what can be done to preserve this local heritage site. 

If you ride this route and are concerned for your safety and preservation of our local heritage, please log it with Environmental Management on 0300 303 884 or email

UPDATE (June 2018): SUCCESS!!!

On the run up to the Pleasure Ride (2nd June 2018), we decided we would have to move some of the cobbles to the sides to make the route safe - all thanks for this must go to our retired Chair Lesley Hopley who single-handedly got down to the task in-hand.  At the same time, we contacted our ROW Officer, Julie Simpson again with photos taken by local rider Helen Catlow.  Julie seeing the matter as urgent then arranged for the contractor to attend site (30 June 2018) and carry out further work including the installation of a wooden sleeper to prevent further detachment of cobbles.  So hopefully riders will find this a lot easier to negociate.  Please check out the photos.

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