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REPAIR: Higher Ogden - Denshaw

Restricted Byway

Fantastic route from Higher Ogden to Denshaw

Off-road access to Crompton Moor

Requires non-eroding fix in several places from Higher Ogden to gate with cows & pony


UPDATE (19 Feb 2018):  This has now been logged with Enivornmental management at the Council and the Rights of Way officer will conduct a site visit to determine what needs to be done and whether additional funding beyond the Council budget, is required.  We will follow this up at the next ROW forum.


UPDATE (24 Sep 2018):  Our ROW officer at the Council, Julie Simpson has visited the site and appreciates that work needs doing here.  The level of work required is probably similar to that required at Carr Lane so more funding will be needed.  So it will proably be next year now before the earth moves but be be rest assurred that this track is now on the Council's radar so watch this space.











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