Multicultural Resource Centre


The Multicultural Resource Centre is a registered charity, that exists to develop community cohesion and racial harmony.

It also works to provide information, support and resources to BME Communities requiring assistance in a culturally sensitive manner; to develop monitoring mechanism which will assist in identifying the effectiveness of those services.

We also deliver projects with issue based activities, mental health, arts and health and children/adult abuse. We also provide training and educational opportunities wherever possible.

We have management committee and pool of freelance session workers who deliver our projects with the help of paid staff and volunteers.


Multifaith Resource Centre is the project of Comparative Religion. To facilitate information and research in the field of Comparative Religion, we have made available a huge collection of books and CD-ROMs on all the major world Religion.
The books include, cultural posters, Religious Scriptures in the original text, transliterations and their translations. We also have multicultural resources and various Encyclopaedias of world Religions and books by distinguished personalities of various religions.

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Multicultural Resource Centre

2 Monmouth Street
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Tel: 01706 661317

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