Multicultural Resource Centre


Cultural Awareness of Asian Communities South Asian Communities and their perspectives on Mental Health and Dementia
Diversity within diversity, extended family structure, belief system and practices.

Asian Religions, Culture and Sexuality
To provide an overview of cultural and religious issues around sex and relationships
impacting on people from Asian communities in order to enable participants to identify
and incorporate ways of cross cultural working.

other courses

Islamic Cultural Awareness for
Non-Muslim Professionals
Empowering Muslim Women
Capacity Building for Faith Leaders
Working with & engaging the Muslim Youth
Engaging with Maddrassah children
Other courses:
Faith and Mental Health
Similarities between Islam and Christianity
Universal Brotherhood
Comparative study between Islam and Hinduism
World Religions
South Asian Culture and Religions
The British Culture Course
Rights of the Wife and the Obligations of the Husband in Islam
10 Commandments: Bible & Qur'an

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