Pelvic Floor Aware Exercise 4 All


Pelvic Floor Aware 4All is a local community group whose aim is: To promote pelvic floor safe exercise awareness for everyone; parous women, current or previously overweight men and women, even sports individuals engaging in intense vigorous exercise, such as gymnasts, runners trampolinists and weightlifters, offer resources outlining pelvic floor issues and how to train the pelvic floor muscles for health and well being. The group runs projects when funding is available to provide events that will benefit participants to improve awareness of pelvic floor health, this done through; talks, Drop-in s at baby groups or baby clinics and sessions of exercise that is geared towards a postnatal body for those who have had children but the information is for anyone at risk of pelvic floor dysfunction.

Contact Information

Pelvic Floor Aware Exercise 4 All

Mobile: 07886 963 024

Meeting times

Activities are delivered at times when funding is available so this is not a set schedule. Delivering at present until May 2020 at dates and times only for talks, drop-ins and exercise classes.