Queen Elizabeth Foundation


  1. Applicants for grants from the Trust should attend or have attended Queen Elizabeth’s, St Anne's Academy, Cardinal Langley RC High School or Middleton Technology schools.
  2. Grants from the Trust may be given for any purpose which promotes the education and development of the applicant (including social and physical training). In particular grants may be given for the following purposes:

A.   In awarding grants tenable at the schools and at a University, College of Education or other institution of further or higher (including professionals and technical) education approved by the Trustees;

B.   In providing financial assistance towards the costs of subsistence, outfits, clothing, tools, instruments or books to enable applicants on leaving school, University or other educational establishment to prepare for, or to assist their entry into, a profession, trade or calling.

C.    In awarding maintenance allowances to enable applicants to travel, whether in the United Kingdom or abroad, to pursue their education.
Applicants must be under the age of 25 years.

3.   For an Application Form Applicants should contact:-

Gill Carroll, Clerk to the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation
C/o 14 Rookway,
Middleton M24 1EB
Telephone No: 0161 643 2411 or 0161 654 7432
e-mail address: gc@temperleytaylor.co.uk

Contact Information

Queen Elizabeth Foundation

14 Rookway
M24 1EB

Tel: 0161 643 2411