Rochdale Ancient Parish Educational Trust


Rochdale Ancient Parish Educational Trusts

Who can apply?

Applicants for grants from the Trust should:

NOTE: There is no age limit for applicants, but preference will be given to persons qualified who are under the age of 25 years.

What grants are available

Grants from the Trust may be given for any purpose which promotes the education of the applicant (including social and physical training). In particular, monies may be given for the following purposes:

Deadlines for application returns

The Trust meets 3 times a year, for application forms to be considered at these meetings, please return completed forms by either the 20 February, 20 May or 31 August each year.


Prospective applicants need not apply if they have received an award in the previous year.

Application form and notes - Rochdale Ancient Parish Educational Trust (91kb doc)

For more information 01706 655117 / 646976.

Contact Information

Rochdale Ancient Parish Educational Trust


Tel: 01706 655117