Rochdale Mayfield Mustangs


Ages: 0-4, 5-11, 12-15, 16-19

Rochdale Mayfield Mustangs came to be in the summer of 1997, after pressure from the National Conference League about the lack of a youth section at Mayfield, several commitee and like minded people set about to form the Mustangs.

Over the years the club has gone from two teams up to seven and with the help of members and parents continues to build for the future.

The success of the club can be measured by players who have gone on to sign at pro clubs and all open age amatuer clubs in Rochdale have a influx of ex-Mustangs in their ranks.

With the ongoing improvements to the Mustangs facilities and tireless fund raising from the members,the future for the club is bright.

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Rochdale Mayfield Mustangs

Chadwick Lane
OL11 3BY

Tel: 01706 527160

Mobile: 07920 865 106

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