Rochdale Pensioners' Association


The next meeting

 Wednesday 29th of June 

The meeting will be held at Riverside One at 2 pm.

The management at Riverside One has found us an alternative room on the ground floor.

The membership is full with no waiting list.

July 13th - Wedgwood Pottery cost £15 coach plus £ 7.50p admissionfor those wishing to go in the museum.

Please pay Emily at the next meeting. 

Please give your names to Emily if you wish to go on the Cairngorm Holiday in Scotland.

Thursday 24th to Monday 28th of November 

The cost is £235. A £50 deposit

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The day trips will be:- 

June - Blackpool

July - Wedgwood Pottery 

August - Scarborough

September - Southport.

Dates of the future meetings are - May 25th, June 29th,

July 27th, August 31st, Sept 28th.

All our day trips and Holidays are now open to NON MEMBERS. Please contact Emily Banister, social secretery, for further informantion. Telephone  mobile 07810431242. (Please do not text)  

Our website is very popular with over 54,253 visits. Will any member wishing to learn how to use the web site please contact Garry.

Apologies may be by TEXT or telephoned  to Garry on the morning of the meetings Tel 07852 388814  OR  Phill on 01706 674812

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A very important notice from the management of Riverside One.

In the event of a fire alarm sounding all members are to leave the meeting room and turn right, then make their way to the end of the corridor. There is a fire escape room with stairs leading out of the building. Upon leaving the building please ensure that you are marked off the fire register to prevent a fireman from looking for you in a burning building. Extra information, all entrances requiring a security pass will be deactivated and a fire escape route is available across the other side of the building. Also, the fire escape room has two wheelchair stair climbers and an intercom. The fire station is connected to the fire alarm and the fire rescue team is expected to be on-site within five minutes.

Will any member who feels that they are unable to leave by the stairs please contact a member of the committee because arrangement have to be made beforehand.

Riverside One is a working location and the meeting room offered to us is one of many meeting rooms that are in constant use. Members are requested not to turn up too early as the room allocated will be in use prier to our meeting and then will need to be rearranged seating wise. The coffee shop down stairs is open and members are requested to congregate in the coffee shop before going to “Hollingworth” meeting room no earlier that ten minutes before the meeting. Other meetings may well be taking place and so will members not talk loud in the corridor. 

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We have heard the very sad news that one of our well loved members has died. Jean Welby died on the 10th of December. The funeral service will be held on Wednesday 29th of December at Rochdale Crematorium at 11.10 am She will be sorely missed.

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Contact Information

Rochdale Pensioners' Association

Tel: 01706 660796

Meeting times

Next Meeting

Will be held on Wednesday 29th of June at 2pm.

The meeting will be held at Riverside One. In a new room on the gound floor.