Rochdale Pensioners' Association


The next meeting

Wednesday 27th October at 2pm.

The meeting will be held at Riverside One.


16th October

To all members. This is an update regarding our social secretary Emily.

Emily had a bad fall on last Sunday night. She has fractured her back and has pneumonia. She is in ward 9 at Fairfield hospital and she is as well as can be expected.


There will be no meeting in September 

16th September – Letter from Emily, Social secretary. Hi Everyone I hope that you all are well and having a ball. I had a meeting with the Township Committee on Monday 13th of September to ask for free accommodation for the Pensioner's meetings in Riverside One. Fortunately we got the backing of all councillors who attended that meeting. Councillor Sultan Ali gave us an exceptionally good recommendation.

The dates available to us are not a hundred percent what we wanted but I am working closely with Corine, who is the events secretary for Riverside, and so we do appreciate the dates that we have been allocated.

Our first meeting will be Wednesday 27th of OCTOBER at 2pm at Riverside One. I will explain more at this meeting


Meeting date at Riverside for 2021/22 :-


No September meeting

Wednesday 27th October at 2pm

No November meeting

Wednesday 22nd December at 2pm

Wednesday 5th January 2022 at 2pm

No February meeting

Wednesday 9th March at 2pm The Annual general meeting.

Wednesday 20th April at 2pm

Wednesday 25th May at 2pm

Wednesday 29th June at 2pm

Wednesday 27th July at 2pm

Wednesday 31st August at 2pm

Wednesday 28th September at 2pm

14th September : Following up from our last meeting at the Bombay Brew. Many members telephoned some members of the committee to express their concerns about the suitability of the venue. At the last committee meeting it was agreed that the Bombay Brew was not a suitable meeting place for the Association. Emily has arranged to go before the next councillor's meeting to put our case forward for a suitable alternative meeting place while the Town Hall is being refurbished.

28th of January. A letter from Josie your membership secretary. Hello to all members, I hope you are feeling well. I am thinking of you every day and hope to see you all soon. I am looking forward to us all meeting up again and going on the day trips and holidays. Take care of yourselves and we will meet again soon. Josie.

It is with much sadness that we tell you of the death of our dear friend Milly Daggett, a former member of our committee. She was a well loved member of our Association and will be sorely missed. The funeral will be held on Thursday 14th January at 1.40pm at Rochdale crematorium.

It is with much sadness that we tell you of the death of our dear friend Carol Ogden. Carol was a well loved member of our Association and will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace Carol. 

It is with much sadness that we tell you of the death of our dear friend Alma Penn she was a well loved member of our Association and we all shall miss her companie. 

A message from Emily our social secretary. She said that she is working hard to find a location for our future meetings now that the Town Hall will be closing for three years. She is in contact with the councillors and intends to put our case before them some time in the near future.

Our Vice Chairman is considering starting up a lending library service for Jigsaw Puzzles and is keen to ask members for donations of Jigsaw Puzzles that they no longer need. In addition we would like to ask members if they will assist in completing Jigsaw Puzzles to ensure that they are not lacking pieces but are complete. Please telephone Phillip Bethell on 01706 674812 if you are able to help or would like to talk about this new service.

Photographs of our 2019 Christmas party taken by our very own paparizena, Claudette, who we thank very much. Also a big thanks to Josie for organising such a lovey DO. The guest of honour was The Mayor and Mayoress of Rochdale, Councillor Billy Sheerin and his wife Lynn Sheerin.

At the present time membership is full and we no longer have a waiting list.

All our day trips and Holidays are now open to NON MEMBERS. Please contact Emily Banister, social secretery, for further informantion. Telephone home 01706655390 or  mobile 07810431242. (Please do not text)  

Our website is very popular with over 54,253 visits. Will any member wishing to learn how to use the web site please contact Garry.


We are Rochdale Pensioners' Association and we meet once a month in the council Chambers of the Town Hall.

We have a speaker at each meeting.

Days Out & Holidays by coach.

The annual subscription of £15 is payable at the February AGM.

Apologies may be by TEXT or telephoned  to Garry on the morning of the meetings Tel 07852 388814  OR  Phill on 01706 674812

Events for 2020

All events cancelled due to the Pandemic. 


March 23rd to 27th Great Yarmouth

November -  Eastbourne

General Meetings 2020 (The last Wednesday in each month)

January 29th - February 26th AGM -  March HOLIDAY  - April 29th - May 27th Summer Lunch - June 24th -  July 29th - August 26th - September 30th - October 28th - November 26th

Summer Lunch - 27th May 12 noon at the Town Hall

 December Christmas Party.

Day Excursions:-

June 10th - Blackpool and Cleveleys

July 8th - Wedgwood Potteries

August 12th - Scarborough

September 9th - Southport








Contact Information

Rochdale Pensioners' Association

Tel: 01706 660796

Meeting times

We meet once a month.

Next Meeting

 There will be NO  September  meeting.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 27th October at 2pm.

The meeting will be held at Riverside One.