Rochdale Pensioners' Association

Committee Details

Chair – Wendy Mottley

Vice Chair – Phillip Bethell

Secretary – Garry Basnett

Treasurer – Jean Murray

Membership Secretary – Josie Ashworth

Social Secretary – Emily Bannister

Raffle Organiser – Kathleen Walsh

The Web Page maintained by Garry Basnett


Monday January 8th

Monday February 5th

Monday March 5th

Monday April 9th

Monday May 14th

Monday June 4th

Monday July 2nd

Monday August 6th

Monday September 3rd

Monday October 1st

Monday November 5th

Monday December 3rd


Contact Information

Rochdale Pensioners' Association

Tel: 01706 660796

Meeting times

We meet once a month in the council chambers of the Town Hall

Next Meeting

Wednesday AUGUST 26th at Rochdale Town Hall at 2pm (At the moment) 

The Town Hall will remain closed untill 31st of July