Rochdale Pensioners' Association

Past Events

Events for 2019


Newquay - Monday 18th to Friday 22nd March 2019 at the Sandy Lodge Hotel

Llandidrod Wells  Wales - Monday 4th to 8th November 2019

Excursions 2019

Wed May 8th - Chester

Wed Jun 12th - Blackpool

Summer Lunch June 26th in the Town Hall

Wed July 10th - Harrogate

Wed Aug 14th - Beverly

Wed Sep 11th - New Brighton

Christmas Party Dec 11th in the Town Hall


KENDAL  - March - Monday 19th to 23rd. 

CAINGORMS - November - Tuesday 20th to Saturday  24th.

Events for 2018

Wednesday 16th of May York - £12.

Wednesday 6th of June Blackpool - £12

Wednesday 27th June Summer Lunch

Wednesday 11th of July Skipton - £12

Wednesday 8th of August Liverpool - £12 (and pre paid terracotta warriors).

Wednesday 5th of September Whitby - £12

Wednesday 12th December Christmas Dinner 


Llandudno – Monday 6th to 10th of March.

Scarborough (Turkey & Tinsel) Monday 11th to 15th of December.

Events for 2017

Wednesday 10th of May – Southport - £12.

Wednesday 7th of June – Blackpool - £12.

Wednesday  26th July - The Summer Lunch to celebrate Queen Elisabeth’s 64th year on the throne and will be held in the Main Hall of the Town Hall.

Wednesday  13th of September -  Foulridge meat & potato pie cruse and vist to Boundry Mill – £25.

Wednesday  6th of December - The Christmas Dinner will be held at the Town Hall.


Skegness  -  March 21st to 25th

Torquuay  -  November 7th to 11th

Events for 2016

Wednesday May 11th – Wensleydale Centre £17 including admission.

Wednesday June 15th – Blackpool – Pensioner’s Parliament £12

Wednesday 29th of June Summer Lunch at The Town Hall

Wednesday July 20th - Liverpool - £12

Wednesday Aug 10th – Millstones (meal, entertainment, games and bingo) £29

Wednesday September 14th – Tweed Mill St Asaph & Llandudno £12

Wednesday Oct 12th – Trafford Centre & Gorton Monastery £12

Wednesday Nov 2nd – Ryecroft (meal, entertainment) £30

Wednesday 7th of December Christmas Dinner


Isle of White  -  Monday May 30th to 4th June

Cairngorms in Scotland -  Thursday 12th  to Monday 16th of November

Events for 2015:

Wednesday 10th June  :- Day out at Blackpool. £12

Wednesday 24th  June  :- Members party at the Town Hall

Wednesday 8th  July  :- Day out at Boundary Mill and Foulridge canal cruise

Wednesday 12th  August   :- Day out at Kendal. £12

Wednesday 9th September  :- Day out at Southport. £12

Wednesday 7th October  :- Day out at Fleetwood including a meal at Ryecroft. £27.

Member’s Christmas Dinner at the Town Hall will be on Wednesday 9th  December 

Contact Information

Rochdale Pensioners' Association

Tel: 01706 660796

Meeting times

We meet once a month in the council chambers of the Town Hall

Next Meeting

Wednesday AUGUST 26th at Rochdale Town Hall at 2pm (At the moment) 

The Town Hall will remain closed untill 31st of July