Rochdale Pensioners' Association

Past Events



KENDAL  - March - Monday 19th to 23rd. 

CAINGORMS - November - Tuesday 20th to Saturday  24th.

Events for 2018

Wednesday 16th of May York - £12.

Wednesday 6th of June Blackpool - £12

Wednesday 27th June Summer Lunch

Wednesday 11th of July Skipton - £12

Wednesday 8th of August Liverpool - £12 (and pre paid terracotta warriors).

Wednesday 5th of September Whitby - £12

Wednesday 12th December Christmas Dinner 


Llandudno – Monday 6th to 10th of March.

Scarborough (Turkey & Tinsel) Monday 11th to 15th of December.

Events for 2017

Wednesday 10th of May – Southport - £12.

Wednesday 7th of June – Blackpool - £12.

Wednesday  26th July - The Summer Lunch to celebrate Queen Elisabeth’s 64th year on the throne and will be held in the Main Hall of the Town Hall.

Wednesday  13th of September -  Foulridge meat & potato pie cruse and vist to Boundry Mill – £25.

Wednesday  6th of December - The Christmas Dinner will be held at the Town Hall.


Skegness  -  March 21st to 25th

Torquuay  -  November 7th to 11th

Events for 2016

Wednesday May 11th – Wensleydale Centre £17 including admission.

Wednesday June 15th – Blackpool – Pensioner’s Parliament £12

Wednesday 29th of June Summer Lunch at The Town Hall

Wednesday July 20th - Liverpool - £12

Wednesday Aug 10th – Millstones (meal, entertainment, games and bingo) £29

Wednesday September 14th – Tweed Mill St Asaph & Llandudno £12

Wednesday Oct 12th – Trafford Centre & Gorton Monastery £12

Wednesday Nov 2nd – Ryecroft (meal, entertainment) £30

Wednesday 7th of December Christmas Dinner


Isle of White  -  Monday May 30th to 4th June

Cairngorms in Scotland -  Thursday 12th  to Monday 16th of November

Events for 2015:

Wednesday 10th June  :- Day out at Blackpool. £12

Wednesday 24th  June  :- Members party at the Town Hall

Wednesday 8th  July  :- Day out at Boundary Mill and Foulridge canal cruise

Wednesday 12th  August   :- Day out at Kendal. £12

Wednesday 9th September  :- Day out at Southport. £12

Wednesday 7th October  :- Day out at Fleetwood including a meal at Ryecroft. £27.

Member’s Christmas Dinner at the Town Hall will be on Wednesday 9th  December 

Contact Information

Rochdale Pensioners' Association

Tel: 01706 660796

Meeting times

We meet once a month in the council chambers of the Town Hall

Next Meeting

Wednesday 29th of January at Rochdale Town Hall