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September Club Meeting Notes 2019

Rochdale Philatelic Society, 10th. September 2019 Press Release


The evenings entertainment consisted of members displays commencing with the letters T,U and V. Thematic stamps of popular subjects including trains, butterflies, cats etc provided the most colourful of the presentations. The next topic consisted of old local (Tottington) letters and postcards containing varied subject matter. Examples of Victorian stamps were then displayed, many of which due to their high denominations and rarity were suspected forgeries. (It only takes one to be genuine!)

Next was a display of French post office pictures followed by cachets on post cards from uk holiday destinations. Finally we had New Zealand stamps showing trams, trains, United Nations and victory stamps.

Next month’s meeting will be a visit of members from Burnley Philatelic Society. New people are always welcome at the meetings which are held at the Rochdale Unitarian Church on the second Tuesday of each month at 7.30 pm, or alternatively telephone Neil on 01706 665698. or email





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