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Contact Information

Rochdale Photographic Society

Unitarian Church
Clover Street
OL12 6TP

Meeting times

We meet at 19:30 every Wednesday at

Rochdale Unitatrian Church                  Clover Street                                    Rochdale, OL12 6TP

Please check our Website Syllabus page for variations


HOWEVER, if you would like to see what the society meetings are like, you can!

We are using Zoom to hold our weekly meetings (on Wednesday evenings), in which you can join us as a guest for free, either just the one visit or join in weekly for as long a period as you wish. To join in on our Zoom sessions you can requests access by emailing doesn't matter if you are a keen photographer or not, or if you just want to kill a couple of hours or so on Wednesdays whilst we are in lockdown. Once you have requested access to the Zoom meetings, you will start to receive an email each week (before the Wednesday evening) with a link for you to use to join our session, Those emails also detail a few weeks "look ahead" of our Syllabus, so you know what topics we are covering each week.

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