Rochdale Probus Club


                                    Rochdale Probus Club

Retired, semi-retired businessmen meeting together socially to listen to talks and see slide-shows on mutually, interesting subjects; to learn and share opinions of life, past, present and future. Cameradery and friendliness are the main themes discussed over coffee and biscuits in the pleasant surroundings o f the Masonic Rooms.  Members meet to make new aquaintancies and to 'know a few more people in the locallity of Rochdale' with whom to form further friendships.

This year the Club celebrates 37 years of existance. Come and join us, we're sure you'll enjoy the experience. No age limit is imposed, maximum membership is set at seventy persons and currently 31 members enjoy the facilities and attend. Sorry ladies, but 'it's men only' at the moment. 


Inaugurated initially by the Rotary Club of Rochdale in January 1982. A letter was raised as an 'invitation to membership' on the 11th January 1982 and sent to various colleagues and aquaintancies of the Rotary Club. This letter was signed by Mr John RG Grice, then Chairman of the Steering Committee, Rotary Club of Rochdale. After acceptance letters arrived, the first meeting was arranged for Wednesday 27th January 1982 at the Masonic Rooms, Richard Street, Rochdale. This meeting was chaired by a Mr William Harding and Mr Frederic Holt acted as secretary. 

Founders (19);- John RG Grice (Founding-father); William Harding; Harry Shenton; Harry Bucknell; Jack Whitehead; Keith Page; Felix Milns; Thomas W Taylor; Walter Lee; Ronald Watson; Wilfred Wild; Albert Dewhurst; Max Miller; Kenneth Blackham; Arthur Strong; Arthur Buckley; Robert Pearce; George Kenyon; Arthur Blackham.                         

Hon. Life-members;-  Canon Alan Shackleton; Geoffrey Howard; Trever Chadwick;  Norman S Frisby; Neville Westerman;  Keith Broadbelt; Peter Richardson; Derek Lord; Alan Hall; M Parkins.

Rememberance;- It is intended to place a wreath at the Rochdale Cenotaph again this year; time and place to be advised.

Forthcoming Meetings;- We hope to re-start our meetings in January 2021 - awaiting 'a government-directive'. Keep safe and well.

Come and join us, give us a try, bring a friend along; coffee is served at 10.15am on the following dates;-


                               Team for years 2019/20 and 2020/21                                   

                                    President    -    Mr William Jenkins

                                   Past President    -   Mr John Carter

                                 Vice-President    -    Mr Brian Furness

                               Hon Secretary    -    Mr Neville Westerman

                                   Hon Treasurer    -    Mr Keith Banks 

                                   Hon  Chaplain    -    Dr Selwyn Hodge

                                   Hon Auditor        -    Mr Derek Hanley

                             2nd Vice-President     -    Mr Denys Gilbert                             


We meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday in-the-month; coffee is priced at £2 and is served at 10.15am. We then have a Speaker for one hour; departing normally around 11.45am.  

Subscriptions for this year are £TBA

Please come and join us, contact;-  Hon. Secretary, Tel 01706 526948 or email

Contact Information

Rochdale Probus Club

Rochdale Masonic Rooms
2 Richard Street
OL11 1DU

Tel: 01706 526948

Meeting times

We meet at 10.15am on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday in the month in the Masonic Rooms and we have a speaker for one hour; departing normally around 11.45am.