Rochdale Rostrum

Programme 2019/20

4 November 2019

Pitch Pause and Pace

Lecturer: John Wroe

Topic: Unbelievable truth

11 November 2019

Voice Projection

Lecturer: Guest speaker

Topic: Money Talks

18 November 2019

Humorous Speaking

Lecturer: Kevin Hawkins

Topic: Something funny happened on the way here

25 November 2019

Eric Wheeler Trophy Speech Contest

Lecturer: Judge

Topic: A Humorous Speech - T'was the night of Christmas

2 December 2019

Christmas dinner and awarding of the Christmas Trophy

20 January 2020

Call My Bluff

Lecturer: Alan Calow

Topic: No topic, just turn up

27 January 2020

Engaging the audience, add interest, gestures

Lecturer: John Wroe

Topic: The world is my oyster

3 February 2020

Knowing your audience

Lecturer: Patricia Russell

Topic: Fun, fun, fun

10 February 2020

Speaking off the cuff, telling a good story (balloon)

Lecturer: John Priestly and David Wiggett

Topic: Fait a complet

24 February 2020

Microphone Techniques

Lecturer: Alan Calow

Topic: Here's on we made earlier

2 March 2020

Acceptance speeches

Lecturer: Alan Williams

Topic: Formal speech of your own choice

9 March 2020

Stand and delivering, developing your own style

Lecturer: Wajida Bukhari

Topic: This time next year I will be a millionaire

16 March 2020

Impromptu Speaking

Lecturer: Kevin Hawkins

Topic: No topic, just turn up

23 March 2020

Keith Greenhalgh trophy, speech contest

Lecturer: Judge David Wiggett

Topic: Impromptu, to be confirmed on the night

30 March 2020

AGM + awarding of the Pat Mckenna trophy

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