Rochdale Round Table



Chairman: Danny Williams

Vice-Chairman: Michael Fern

President : Chris Bell

What is Rochdale Round Table About.?

Rochdale Round Table ( RT55) is all about making friends, having fun, trying things you've not done before, and putting something back into your local community.
RT55 hold regular meetings each fortnight, getting together for everything from Black Tie dinners to a game of football, or even something as simple a drink at the pub or a meal somewhere local. These social evenings are the lifeblood of the Round Table movement – bringing together groups of friends for a drink and a laugh 

We usually organise a few events each year which can vary. Raising money is often secondary – what really matters is that RT55 get involved in our local communities, putting something back, and making a difference locally. There’s no obligation to commit a certain amount of time. All that we ask is that a member donates what time he has available, and often it’s a great way to develop new skills.

A highlight for our members is the group activities, as it gives you the chance to try something that you wouldn’t usually try alone. If you’ve ever fancied abseiling, bungee jumping, dry slope skiing or shooting, then these are activites that is part of our ever changing social year’s programme. Getting involved is easy, and it could be the best laugh you’ve had for ages.

Membership is open to men between the ages of 18 and 45 years irrespective of their religious beliefs or political opinions and, the only other restriction placed on the potential member is that he should either work or reside in the catchment area of the Table. Round Table is a participating organization and the old saying applies strongly to Round Table "You get out what you put in". You can develop yourself whilst having fun along the way.

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Contact Information

Rochdale Round Table

The Baum
Toad Lane
OL12 0NU

Mobile: 07796 443843

Meeting times

Meeting First and Third Wednesdays of each month and ad-hoc for Social and Community Services events and activities. To attend contact