Rochdale Sub-Aqua Club


Want To Try Something Differant

We promote the safety, expertise and enjoyment of the sport of sub-aqua diving. Training is in the large pool 8.00pm to 9.00pm. There is also a social meeting on Friday nights at Hollingworth Lake Rowing Club. A good level of swimming ability and fitness is required. The club owns 2 boats ( one 5 1/2 Meter RIB and one Inflatable ) both used by current members on dive trips in the UK.

We organise trips through-out the UK and Europe, So be ready to pack your case and ready your-self for an experience of a lifetime as you meet new weird and wonderful marine life!

Marine Life

See the beautiful and large variety of life there is to be found in the underwater world.
When you learn to dive you will learn all about safety and what is and is not safe to touch. You will get a briefing of what you should expect to see before you jump into the water and there will always be an experienced & qualified diver by your side to guide you and keep you safe.

Swim with dolphins, Feed the Ray's, Explore ship wrecks from small sunken boats and ships to World War Destroyers and Air Craft Carriers! - There's plenty to see and explore in the the world of Sub-Aqua!

Contact Information

Rochdale Sub-Aqua Club

Central Leisure Centre
Entwisle Road

Tel: 01706 843007